What you will learn

What do you want to learn?


Since your advanced training will be one-to-one (unless you particularly want to come with a friend), we can concentrate on whatever it is you want to improve on.

If most of your motorcycle riding is commuting, you'll probably want to learn how to get through the rush hour traffic swiftly and safely.

If you'll be doing a lot of motorway riding, we can concentrate on keeping out of trouble with all that fast traffic around you.

Do you go out with a group of riders and find yourself struggling to keep up, even though your bike is supposed to be faster than theirs?   I can show you how to keep up on a bike that is supposed to be slower.  However, you do have to ask yourself whether your friends are going faster than their own limits.   Do they sometimes fall off?  Do they blame something else (like the road surface) when it happens, instead of thinking about how they could have avoided it?

Safety is paramount. 

If you learn how to ride a motorcycle safely, you'll find the extra speed follows.  By reading the road ahead more accurately, by knowing how to put yourself in the right place on the road, at the right approach speed, in the right gear, you will increase your safety margins.  By increasing your safety margins you will find that the extra speed becomes within your own limits.

Perhaps you have a very specific aspect of your riding you want to work on, like braking or gear changing.   Perhaps you want to learn how to overtake more effectively.

For most riders though, it is cornering that needs work.   A lot of this is down to reading the road as mentioned above.  But I can teach you much more than just roadcraft.   Frighteningly few motorcyclists understand how a motorbike goes round corners.  We all learned how to ride a bicycle when we were young, or did we?   Well, actually no.  I can almost guarantee that you just got on a bicycle and let instinct take over.  If you made a particular action at the handlebars you fell off.  Another action and the bike went where you wanted it to go.   But what was it you did?

Most motorcyclists just get on with riding their bikes by the instincts they picked up from cycling as a child.   But now the speeds are much higher and the falling off can be much more serious.   When something doesn't feel right in the middle of a bend, do you know what input is required?  Brakes?  Throttle?  Steering?  This is when it all goes wrong.  If you don't know what is happening, especially when you think the bike isn't capable of making it round the bend, a crash becomes more likely. 


Modern bikes are phenomenal machines.   The bike is nearly always far more capable than the rider believes.  The limiting factor is nearly always the rider.   You can spend all you like on go-faster accessories.  The most cost-effective way to go faster is to spend money on improving yourself.

I can take away many of the mysteries about how a bike goes round corners.   I can help you feel like it is you controlling the bike, not the bike controlling you. 

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