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Happy Customers

Carl Buckley


"Had a great day this week undertaking some advanced rider training.  It was great fun, really enjoyable and more importantly made me think about things in more detail.  Have ridden for 26 years, you do pick up a couple of bad habits and Neil’s expert tuition really made a difference.  Very calm, a mixture of leading and following, plus a few pillion rides to get a closer understanding of certain things, the day was really worthwhile.  Neil has a great approach, really friendly and completely down to earth.  All riders regardless of experience should spend a day with him as you will learn so much."

Tom Robinson


"I’ve done a few training courses in and around Newcastle, and after holding my licence for a few years and limiting my riding to sunshine, I wanted to work on my cornering, wet weather riding and general confidence on the road.  I spoke to Neil who got me booked in very quickly, and in the wet and freezing cold (as we aimed for!)  I had an absolute blast. Neil was patient and knew exactly what to teach me with a balanced combination of theory, demonstration and feedback to improve my riding.  There wasn’t a single point in the day which I wasn’t enjoying myself and I came away with more than what I expected to get out of it.  I am more confident and knowledgeable from the hours I spent out and as such, ride safer and more effectively, meaning I’m having more fun regardless of the conditions!  If you want to improve and learn while enjoying yourself, get booked in.  Couldn’t recommend highly enough."

Mary and Danny Holmes


Mary came to us to pass her bike test and soon persuaded husband Danny to do the same.  They came back not long afterwards and did some advanced training.  They went on to pass the IAM test and then the RoSPA advanced test to a Gold standard.  Mary sent me a message when she passed: "Your training made a very solid foundation for everything that followed.  Danny and I will be coming back for some more advanced training at some point." (And they did!)




Lynn Preston


Lynn just needed a confidence booster.  She had bought this Herald 250 Cafe Racer but didn't feel at ease with it.  After a three hour session she came back with a thank you card and wrote, "Thanks for all the tips which are helping me more than you could imagine."

Eamonn Toland


There was a look of astonishment on Eamonn's face each time I told him something about his riding that had never previously occurred to him!


He was amazed that he had got away with riding for five years without understanding some of the fundamentals of how a bike steers.


At the end of his three hour session his parting words were, "I'll definitely be back for more."





Karl Elliott


Not long after Karl passed his test with us he was back for further training.


Karl was already a fast rider but learned a lot about increasing his safety margins.


We got caught out in some torrential rain but Karl went away very happy to have smoothed out his wet weather riding skills

Gordon Stuart, "The Arctic Rider"


Back in 2014 Gordon gained a lot of press coverage for his fund raising trip to the Arctic Circle.


Newcastle Rider Training was one of his main sponsors and I gave him some advanced riding tips to help keep him safe on his journey.


At the time Gordon said, "Fantastic advanced motorcycle tuition preparing me for my 6,000 mile ride to Norway.  I've been riding nine years and I learned a great deal on my day with Neil.  Can't recommend them highly enough - this stuff can save your life!"


Since then he has continued to set himself a motorcycling challenge each year and has raised thousands of pounds for charity.  Plans have more recently been scuppered by Covid but you can be sure he'll be back!  Check out his blog at http://arcticride.blogspot.co.uk/

Stephen Mains


Stephen used to ride a CB400 back in the day but had been away from biking for a few years and his wife bought him some refresher training for Christmas.  He came on a sensible Honda NC750 which was ideal for getting back into it.


With confidence regained however, it wasn't long before a bit more excitement was required and he stepped up to this Yamaha FZ800 which he proudly brought to show us a few months later.

Price list

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These session lengths are not set in stone - they are just what I normally offer.  So, for example, if you want two hours or four then just ask!


Personalised gift vouchers are available if you want to give some training as a present.  Just phone with payment card details and we can send you a gift card in the post.  Alternatively we can arrange it by email and you can pay via our main website.  Go to motorcycletraining.net and click on the link at the bottom of the page.


Prices assume use of your own bike.  Contact us for a quote if you need to use one of our bikes.


Share a session with a friend of similar ability and one of you pays half price!


Extra discounts are available if you passed your test with us.

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We are based centrally for rides out into some of Britain's best biking roads.  No traffic, fabulous scenery, bend after bend after bend...

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