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What is advanced motorcycling?

Basically it means advancing your skills on from your current level, whatever that level may be.

You may have been riding for 20 days or 20 years.  You may have ridden a lot in the past but then not ridden for many years.  Wherever you are on the learning curve of motorcycling I can take you higher.  If you think you have reached the top, think again.  Even world champions at the pinnacle of their career talk about how much they are still learning.

You can come with a specific aspect of your riding that you want to improve on, or you may just want an all round assessment.  For most riders though the most significant area for improvement has to be cornering.  Do you find you can keep up on the straights but then lose out when it gets twisty?  Do you sometimes find you've overcooked it?  I can help you to get it right every time!

Your advanced riding skills can then be rewarded by passing an advanced motorcycling test.  These are conducted by RoSPA Advanced Riders and Drivers or IAM Roadsmart, depending on your preference (or you can do both).

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is another option.  This is operated by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and is intended to be an ongoing process of assessment and improvement.  If you are already riding to an advanced level then you could be issued with the DVSA Certificate of Competence at the end of your first session.  Most probably though you will be given pointers for improving your riding with a view to coming back and continuing your coaching until you reach the required standard for the certificate.

Apart from the satisfaction of passing a test at a higher level, you can also benefit from a reduced insurance premium as well as other discounts.

Newcastle Rider Training is based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.  Around Tyneside we have some of the finest motorcycling roads in the UK.  Enjoy honing your skills on the roads of Northumberland, Cumbria, County Durham and the Scottish Borders, where the bends go on and on, the scenery is superb, the traffic is light.  And when you stop the people are friendly!

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